Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

7 Essentials that we need to consider for our Blog

Hello everyone! While I am writing this, the time is 1:05AM here in Manila, Philippines but I am still wide awake! You know why? Because I am really excited for this project! 

This blog post is actually about our Getting Started: April Goals. As we have said, we will focus more on the branding of this blog and knowing oneself. I have been thinking that I will try to brand first this blog since it is very crucial for us to maintain our blog's brand.

As we have said on our April Goals, we want this Project Clear Clutter to be as organized as possible as well here online. We want to add color to your life and mine as well. We want to maintain its welcoming feel, friendly buttons, easy access and more!  

Here are 7 essentials that we need to consider for our blog:

As we are on the Getting Started stage, we have to know some things that our blog will be needing, the essentials of having a blog and the overall look of our project. The organization and the clutter free look of our blog are one of those goals in branding Project Clear Clutter.

 1. Choose a Name for the Blog 

           We should be very, very careful in naming our blog. We should choose a name that is easy to remember and has a high impact on our readers. 

2. Think of a very Good and Catchy Tagline

           This will be used as our unique selling proposition as well. Our tagline will serve as one of the catchers of readers. This should be very pleasing to the ears and has an impact and direct connection to your blog and to your readers. 

3. Develop a Logo for your Blog

            Developing a logo for your blog or business is like giving it not just a name, but also a personal and distinct characteristic. 

4. Blog's Theme

          We don't want our blog to be, as wordpress says, 'Just Another Wordpress Site'. Woah. Just another blog, eh? You're hurting me! That's so harsh. Lol. 

So, we should better study the theme of our blog and be amazed of what it can do to us and to you. 

5. Use the Right Pantone Colors

          This is my favorite! Colors! Colors give life to a blog. But of course, we have to use the right color and everything else will follow. Also, we should not just color or blog. Everything should be well taken care of. Here's a bonus! Found a very good site that gives complete set of web color and I want to share it with you. 

Here is it: simple.be/web/color/codes 

PMS 803
PMS 804
PMS 805
PMS 806
PMS 807
PMS 801 2X
PMS 802 2X

5. Have a Good Set of Visual Graphics 

           Guess what? For those who don't know how to use Adobe Photoshop like me, I guess I already found the best logo maker, poster maker, banner maker, cover photo maker, collage maker and more! 

It's www.Canva.com! Try it yourself and be amazed of the pretty buttons, user-friendly website and many more! I am sure you will love this!

6. Determine Topics to Cover

           For Project Clear Clutter, since our main goal is to clear all the clutters, be organized, clean and creative, our topics will revolve around cleaning and organizing areas in our house, office desk, doing DIYs and organizing life as well.

7. Maximize the Social Networking Sites

          I also want to share my thoughts and experiences to all of you. I am perfectly sure that I am not just the only one who is struggling with regards to being organized and clean. With this, we have to make accounts in Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus and others that will help us to disseminate valuable and timely information, how-tos, tips and inspiration to a larger crowd. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting Started - April Goals

Welcome to Project Clear Clutter everyone -- where our aim is to, of course, clear all the clutters! :)

I started this blog last April 7, 2014. It was a fine Monday morning and as I was browsing through the Internet, I saw a colorful advertisement about organizing, crafts and DIYs! My eyes grew big and I immediately clicked on it. I was about to end when I studied my surrounding. My study area was so full of clutters. My dress worn yesterday was still on the sofa. And I realized that ever since, I didn't like the color of our wall. Ugh.

After examining the area, I released a very long sigh and closed my eyes. And like any other day, I went straight to my study area, started oraganizing stuff when an old notebook caught my eye. It was my very old notebook. I opened it and I felt a smile painted on my face. 

I read my bucket list written a very long time ago and read the word something that jolted me back to life --'WRITE'. 

So again, say hello to PROJECT CLEAR CLUTTER.


Last time, we talked about planning this project. And again, as Benjamin Franklin said, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Definitely! We have to write our goals in life and it doesn't stop there. We have to act upon it. We have to create plan and do our best to achieve it.

So today, we will talk about our project's goals for April. Are you excited?! I know you are! I am too!                                 

APRIL -- we all love April! It is the time for beaches, long weekend, parties, friends and families and of course, vacation. But for Project Clear Clutter, April is the time for (1) branding and (2) knowing oneself. 

1. Brand your blog!

Project Clear Clutter revolves all around organizing, cleanliness, color, creativity & fun! And with these, our blog should also be organized and well taken care of. That's why we have to brand this project carefully. Know what font style we will be using, font color and shades and how to make images that will collaborate with the text and the whole project as well.

2. Know yourself -- your good and bad self.

I personally believe that we have to know our 'real' self because this will help us to know what we have to continue doing and of course, what we need to stop doing. There are many factors that affect our behavior towards a goal. 

Since the aim of this project is to be organized, we have to list down all good and bad habits and characteristics that pushes and hinders us to achieve our goal.

3. Practice - Move forward.

We don't have to overwhelm ourselves. Why dont' we try to work on small areas that we want to organize or add color? Hmm, sounds great! Right?

I know there are many 'me' over there that's why we want to be very specific on what we really want to do and achieve. So, come and join me on this journey to an organized life!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plan and Write

In every project, goal, mission -- anything that we want to achieve in life, we should set a plan in which all characteristics are listed. A plan wherein we can have an overlook of the success of our project.

Project Clear Clutter is designed for people like you and me who wants to have an organized life. Ever since I was in my college years, I always read books about how to have an organized life from cleaning office desk, organizing kitchen to labeling boxes and stuff. But still, after years of struggle and fighting procrastination and laziness, my search to being an organized freak has been in vain.

There was a time wherein I want to give up. I sat down and just looked at all my clutters and very long to-dos with a very, very long sigh. (Imagine it!)

And then, I saw my very old notebook where I wrote all my wants and plans in life. And then, I saw bucket list written a very long time ago and I read something that jolted me back to life.

Want to know what I have read? WRITE.

Write everything that you want to say. Write everything that you want to do. Share it to people and soon after you will achieve what you want with the help of dedication and focus.

I have to plan for this and I am not giving up!

So guys, we are starting in 3, 2, 1... Go!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome to Project Clear Clutter!

Hi! I am Piathought. I am a 20-something woman who loves to read blogs, books and magazines about organizing. I just love the idea of having an organized office desk, a clean home study table and a planned and organized house. I love the idea of being creative and colorful! 

However, I can honestly say that I am not an organized person. Well maybe I just love the idea but I really don't put too much attention and focus to what I really want to do and feel about my environment. I want everything to be organized as possible but I tend to scatter my planners and pens after studying, and my books are just about everywhere. But still, thanks to my loving Mother our house is properly arranged! But I of course, I also want to be organized on my own. I am trying my best -- until now.
I always want everything in order. I want everything to be on the right place. 
But sadly, most of the times, I feel tired and exhausted because of the day's work. Also my best friend procrastination, is always at its finest. I have searched and read everything about organization on blogs, magazines and bought some good books too hoping to get some 'good tips'. But of course, to no avail. 

Why? Because the problem is me. And I want to help myself. So I quit reading books, blogs and focused to the identified problem.

That's when an idea pops in my mind. 

Why not try blogging about it? 

"Hmm! Good idea!", I shouted full of excitement. Since I love to write (I want to be a professional writer someday :D ), I will try blogging this journey of mine. 

Great idea, eh?

So right now, I am starting a new blog on my adventure to the world of being an organized freak. Yes. I want everything to be on its right place. I want everything to be neat – to be organized. I want my life to be as organized as possible. 

So, join me as I try to challenge myself and share my thoughts in organizing and adding color to my life!

Project Clear Clutter is coming out soon!

Yes! This is it! Project Clear Clutter will be coming out soon together with all the colors, creativity and fun

I am so excited! Join me in my adventure to the world of organization!


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