Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome to Project Clear Clutter!

Hi! I am Piathought. I am a 20-something woman who loves to read blogs, books and magazines about organizing. I just love the idea of having an organized office desk, a clean home study table and a planned and organized house. I love the idea of being creative and colorful! 

However, I can honestly say that I am not an organized person. Well maybe I just love the idea but I really don't put too much attention and focus to what I really want to do and feel about my environment. I want everything to be organized as possible but I tend to scatter my planners and pens after studying, and my books are just about everywhere. But still, thanks to my loving Mother our house is properly arranged! But I of course, I also want to be organized on my own. I am trying my best -- until now.
I always want everything in order. I want everything to be on the right place. 
But sadly, most of the times, I feel tired and exhausted because of the day's work. Also my best friend procrastination, is always at its finest. I have searched and read everything about organization on blogs, magazines and bought some good books too hoping to get some 'good tips'. But of course, to no avail. 

Why? Because the problem is me. And I want to help myself. So I quit reading books, blogs and focused to the identified problem.

That's when an idea pops in my mind. 

Why not try blogging about it? 

"Hmm! Good idea!", I shouted full of excitement. Since I love to write (I want to be a professional writer someday :D ), I will try blogging this journey of mine. 

Great idea, eh?

So right now, I am starting a new blog on my adventure to the world of being an organized freak. Yes. I want everything to be on its right place. I want everything to be neat – to be organized. I want my life to be as organized as possible. 

So, join me as I try to challenge myself and share my thoughts in organizing and adding color to my life!


  1. Hi! I agree with everything you put in this blog. Just like me, I have to clutter all my thoughts! Good luck and keep writing!

    You just got a new follower here.

  2. I really want to be organized because I am not good at it. :(

    You are my first ever follower Princess! You've got a new follower as well! :) Thank you and good luck!


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