Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Plan and Write

In every project, goal, mission -- anything that we want to achieve in life, we should set a plan in which all characteristics are listed. A plan wherein we can have an overlook of the success of our project.

Project Clear Clutter is designed for people like you and me who wants to have an organized life. Ever since I was in my college years, I always read books about how to have an organized life from cleaning office desk, organizing kitchen to labeling boxes and stuff. But still, after years of struggle and fighting procrastination and laziness, my search to being an organized freak has been in vain.

There was a time wherein I want to give up. I sat down and just looked at all my clutters and very long to-dos with a very, very long sigh. (Imagine it!)

And then, I saw my very old notebook where I wrote all my wants and plans in life. And then, I saw bucket list written a very long time ago and I read something that jolted me back to life.

Want to know what I have read? WRITE.

Write everything that you want to say. Write everything that you want to do. Share it to people and soon after you will achieve what you want with the help of dedication and focus.

I have to plan for this and I am not giving up!

So guys, we are starting in 3, 2, 1... Go!

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